Seeing a human being as a whole. This means looking at the entire "human" system with regard to all its structures. And this also means for us to see each person as an extraordinary single individual.
Why is a tooth lost?
There are individual reasons for this. If we are able to find the causes and then restore the replacement in a natural way, we will succeed in ensuring that no further disturbance factor occurs. 

Nature is our model: proportions, color, form; statics and dynamics; aesthetics and function. Nature as a whole is just as much fascinating as the individuality of each separate patient. Complexity, organic interactions, and specific functions are at the same time our model and our requirements.

For this reason, at Plaster Dental Technik a discerning function analysis is used at the beginning of the solution to the problem. We first have to 'read' the special qualities nature provides us with before we can we can come to the optimum result with technical precision for the affected persons. Our laboratory relies on a close collaboration with the patients and with the dentists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, naturopaths and psychotherapists.

Our goal is to work thoroughly and holistically, our model is nature.



We plan the dental technology / dental medical therapy with precisely this attention to each very individual cause of the functional disorder in each individual patient. And this is visible!
Our method, "Facial Expression Documentation", allows both the standardized way of working and at the same time a crystal clear definition of the problem and the convincing documentation of the solution.
Documentation of facial expression as a "portrait":
More than a picture - a whole spectrum comes into being through modern precision photography. With this, we establish the "as is state" of
                   - chewing behavior,
                   - bite situation,
                   - operation of the mimetic musculature,
                   - head posture.
Documentation of facial expression as "history": 
Much more than a "before and after" portrait. We document the steps of the change "photo-graphically". Again, with regard to the whole spectrum! There is no better solution than combining the obvious proof together with the delight in the result: visible successful collaboration between the patient, the dentist and the dental technician.

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The human body "wants" to function. It continually adapts itself to many demands and influences. By nature, our body wants to work and has to be economical with its energy: it compensates for even the smallest of weaknesses to use its energy as effectively as possible.

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So, how can any functional disorders most easily be traced?
Every human being compensates for his or her individual "weak points" quite differently: our body reacts with teeth grinding, headaches or backaches, with allergic reactions, changes in body or head position, even with altered facial expression from tension in the facial muscles etc.
If we are to succeed in tracing the characteristics of these compensations exactly, then we have the best preconditions to not only limit the damage, but to specifically address the causes. Therefore, when the cause is known, we can then and effectively remedy and sensibly prevent this from happening!