Obtaining his Master’s Degree in Dental Technology in 1996, Udo Plaster is continuously on the search for a more holistic and accurate way of applying his expertise and experience with the patient as the focus. As an international lecturer and author of numerous publications, innovator of dental technologies, Plaster shares his knowledge, contributes to the improvement of interdisciplinary communication between the dentist and the dental technician and is committed to the well-being of the patients.Good communication between all 3; the patient, the dentist, the technician are essential elements for obtaining successful results.

“The many “hows” and the “whys” of my work, collecting knowledge not only from books, but mainly from experience in the success of the application are what determine the outcome” 

- Present: Plaster Dental Technik / 4 employees 
Main field of work: Aesthetic-functional dentures, Functional Analysis / mimic photo documentation, Implant Restorations, development of technologies analog and digital.        

2018 - Horst Gründler Prize for achievements in Dental Technology 

2016 - 1st Place Smile Award – for international patient results

2015 - Present: dental’s ELEVEN, is a team of experts, a cooperation of independent dental technicians who with their different areas of expertise, skills and abilities have come together as a whole

2013“ PlaneSystem®” patented in cooperation with Zirkonzahn (analog & virtual articulator)

2011 - “VisulalFuction” (Functional Analysis Software) to translate theory into a visual perspective for better understanding.